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Teach yourself the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. To start, select a letter type and then select an individual letter from the corresponding list. The initial romanization shows how the letter is romanized at the beginning of a syllable block, while the final romanization shows how the letter is romanized at the end. Not included in this Demonstration are consonant final clusters (ㄳ,ㄵ,ㄶ,ㄺ,ㄻ,ㄼ,ㄽ,ㄾ,ㄿ,ㅀ,ㅄ) or 받침. The pronunciation/romanization for these clusters is more complex and changes depending on the following syllable block. Please visit the links provided for additional assistance.

Contributed by: Yasmeen Baki (July 2018)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



For pronunciation help and more information please visit the links provided.


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