Spirographic Orbit of a Star in Extended Mass Distribution

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This Demonstration shows the orbit of a point mass through a Hernquist potential, which represents a star moving through a spherically symmetric extended mass distribution with a density profile of the form , where is the dimensionless radius and is the length scale of the potential. This type of mass density has been used to model physical systems such as dark matter halos, elliptical galaxies, and embedded young star clusters.

Contributed by: Ted Landis, Jeremy Spitzig, and Lisa Holden (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



is the dimensionless energy parameter.

is the dimensionless angular momentum parameter.

represents dimensionless time.


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F. C. Adams and A. M. Bloch, "Orbits in Extended Mass Distributions: General Results and the Spirographic Approximation," The Astrophysical Journal, 629, 2005 pp. 204–218.

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