Virtual Flowers with Crispate Petals

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While enjoying the beauty of flowers, you can learn, for example, the behavior of powers, exponential and trigonometric functions, graphs in Cartesian and polar coordinate systems, and the parametrization of cylindrical surfaces. Different mesh lines can help in understanding the behavior of the surface. Some colors can also be used. The basic vertical and horizontal shapes are plotted on the first two figures. The vertical perturbation depends on the polar angle.

Contributed by: János Karsai (University of Szeged) (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



Some ideas to try:

0. Find a flower in your garden and memorize its shape.

1. Set the vertical perturbation to zero and use a small value for plot points.

2. Set the vertical shape, as well as the number and shape of the petals.

3. Change the graphical options.

4. Modify the perturbation.

5. Finally, modify the source code to use different functions for your flowers.

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