A Converging Geometric Series

This Demonstration shows that .
The square is half empty with area when . The square is empty at . In general, the square is empty at step and full, which shows that converges to 1.


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Snapshot 1: when , the area is filled is
Snapshot 2: when , a square with area is added
Snapshot 3: where and the area filled is very close to 1
The geometric series converges if and only if , and then the sum of the series is . Convergence of can be proven by the integral test, which states that if is continuous, decreasing, and positive, then converges if converges. In this case, , so the integral converges and therefore the geometric series also converges.
Special thanks to the University of Illinois NetMath Program and the mathematics department at William Fremd High School.
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[2] M. Moody. "Convergence Tests for Infinite Series." (Jun 18, 2013) www.math.hmc.edu/calculus/tutorials/convergence.
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