Byte Value Display (Maybe It Is EBCDIC?)

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Did you ever get a file that you could not view? Did you get a hex dump of the file to try and figure it out? You may say to yourself, "Maybe it's EBCDIC data?" With this utility you can see what hex values equate to in ASCII and EBCDIC.

Contributed by: Todd Reichert (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



EBCDIC is still in use by mainframes across the world, so you might get a file with EBCDIC. This Demonstration takes the place of a cheat sheet—rather than memorizing the hex values of letters in ASCII and EBCDIC, you can pull up this Demonstration to quickly see if your binary data contains an EBCDIC message and you will be able to quickly translate a sequence of hex values into an English word. (This Demonstration is not meant to be a translation utility, just a quick look-see to rule out EBCDIC or actually decode the EBCDIC.)

Note: you can easily identify ASCII numbers as they have hex values \x30-\x39 for 0-9 and ASCII's 0-9 hex values are \xf0-\xf9.

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