Sugarscape: Agent-Based Modeling

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Agents move around on a map gathering food. Each move costs the agent an amount of food equal to the set metabolism. If the agent runs out of food it dies.


Fifty agents begin in random locations and make a move to one of the adjacent locations based upon which of the locations has the largest amount of food. Beginning with a stockpile of 2 units of food, the agents start by expending 2 units per move. The map has two locations of high food level in the top left and bottom right corners. The agents all gather in these locations or die and turn red.

Those pockets of high food have a level of 4 each. The other corners are set at a level of 0 food each. In between these pockets the food varies between these two values. The agents cannot sustain themselves in areas where the level of food is less than their metabolism. The agents can, however, build up a stockpile of surplus food for times when their metabolism requires more food than is available at a particular location. The maximum level of food on the map is 4. Therefore, if the agent's metabolism is higher than 4, then all the agents will die.


Contributed by: Chris Zeng (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




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