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Mathematica contains a large database called CountryData that contains various demographics on countries around the world. This Demonstration allows the user to move the globe as any 3D graphic and hover the mouse over a country to return the selected demographic in a tooltip popup.



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Only letters that contain demographic information in CountryData are shown. Selection of letters along the top row will preload the drop-down menu with displayable (in the tooltip) demographics. The drop-down menu will appear blank until the demographic that starts with the selected letter is chosen. The globe can be manipulated to whatever orientation is desired using the standard 3D graphic manipulations. When hovered over a country, the tooltip will display the country name as well as the demographic selected in the drop-down menu. It sometimes takes a little while for the tooltip to become active and/or to find the "hot spot" in a particular country to trigger the tooltip. For the United States, Alaska has a tooltip; for Canada, Vancouver Island does.
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