2. Families of Four-Point Touching Squares

This Demonstration shows four-point touching families of squares, where . The parameter determines the point by , where is the radius vector of a point . This generalizes [1], where . In this Demonstration you can vary within an appropriate range to maintain four-point touching in a family with .


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A family is said to be -touching provided each element of has a nonempty intersection with precisely other elements of . A -touching family is said to be point--touching if any two touching sets have only a single common point [2].
Grünbaum has shown that example (with dihedral symmetry) in [3] is impossible. He has also said that it is not clear whether there are any point-4-touching families with fewer than 48 squares.
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[3] E. Friedman, "Squares Touching a Constant Number of Other Squares," Geombinatorics, 12(2), 2002 pp. 55–60.
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