Monty Hall Problem

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As a contestant on Monty Hall's game show, you are presented with three doors. Behind one door is a new car and behind each of the other two is a goat. You select a door behind which, you hope, is the new car. Monty Hall then opens another door to reveal a goat and asks if you would like to change your selection. Intuition suggests that changing your selection would not make a difference but, in fact, changing will double your odds of winning. If you are not convinced, play the game above repeatedly until you are. Behind only one of the doors lies a cash prize. When you select a door, another door will open to reveal a creature. Mouse over your original selection and the alternative to see what lies behind them. To play again, hit the reset button and shuffle.

Contributed by: Fiona Maclachlan (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




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