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Try your hand at decoding some famous quotes encoded using a substitution cipher. The person to whom the quote is attributed is encoded after the quote. Each cipher is a derangement of the letters of the alphabet, so that no letter stands for itself. If you need a hint to get started, the "show hint" button will randomly select a letter in the coded message and decode it for you.

Contributed by: Marc Brodie (Wheeling Jesuit University) (April 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



At any time you can change your guess for what a given letter represents. You can remove your guess for a given letter by using the pull-down menu and selecting the blank at that letter's place in the alphabet. If you want to clear all your work and try decoding the message again from scratch, use the "start over" button. There are 54 quotes included, one of which will be selected at random when you click the "new quote" button. Asking for a new quote will automatically generate a new code, so your work from decoding a previous message will not be of direct use.

Permanent Citation

Marc Brodie (Wheeling Jesuit University) "Solve the Cryptoquote"
Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Published: April 11 2011

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