Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics: The Peroxidase-Oxidase Reaction

The peroxidase-oxidase (or PO) reaction is an enzyme-catalyzed chemical reaction that has been extensively studied in horseradish plants. The overall reaction can be modeled by a set of four first-order ODEs developed by Lars Olsen [2], which represent the reactants, products, and intermediates of the reaction. What makes this reaction so special is its nonlinear nature; with the right parameters, oscillatory behavior, period doubling, and chaos can be observed.
The equations in this Demonstration were taken directly from [1] and are as follows:
Here to represent rate constants of the intermediate reactions; , , , and represent , , , and , respectively, with their differentials representing their intermediates.
The suggested settings are , , , , , , , , , , , , .


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[1] P. Karas. "Chaos in Oscillating Chemical Reactions: The Peroxidase-Oxidase Reaction." Mathematics at Dartmouth. (2007)
[2] L. F. Olsen, "An Enzyme Reaction with a Strange Attractor," Physics Letters A, 94, 1983 pp. 454–457.
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