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Object: Make the ant walk the longest possible distance. More than 600 moves are possible!


Each tile can only be used once, and used tiles are colored red to remind you of that. However, the intersections can be used twice; they stay yellow. The ant always goes straight through at an intersection.

Unused path pieces that are straight lines or 90° corner pieces can be rotated by clicking them. This way you prepare a path for the ant before it arrives.


Contributed by: Karl Scherer (September 2014)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



When the ant has walked a round of 30 steps, all red tiles (apart from the starting tile) revert to their original status and become available again. This will be repeated, but each round will be one step longer than the previous one. Hence, it becomes harder and harder to prepare a path for the ant.

To give you some head start, the ant only starts moving with the third click. Note that you never click the ant itself (except when the ant is still at its home base; you can rotate the home base with the ant in it by clicking it). Rather, you click tiles that lie on the ant's path, and you design the path by rotating the pieces of the path.


There are two control buttons at the top: • click "reset" to revert to the starting position • click "back" to undo the last step


This game was published previously as the Zillions game "Ant" by the same author. The author has managed to score more than 600. Try to beat your own record.

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