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Push and pull objects to the yellow target positions. Red objects can be pushed and pulled. Green objects can only be pushed. Blue objects can only be pulled.

Contributed by: Karl Scherer (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



Your task is to guide the little man so that he pushes or pulls various objects toward the yellow target positions.

You move the man by clicking the target position.

Red objects can be pushed or pulled.

Green objects (octagons) can only be pushed.

Blue objects (disks) can only be pulled.


- The man can move only one object at a time.

- The man cannot move the same object in two consecutive moves.

There are two "collections" of challenges, comprising 39 and 24 entries.

Collection 1: Here you have to get each of the objects onto a yellow target position.

Collection 2: There are no target positions. The goal is to rearrange the objects such that each green object has a green neighbor (to the north, south, east, or west), each blue object has a blue neighbor, and each red object has a red neighbor.

The challenge can be selected via a pop-up menu or via the associated setter bar.

The "move history" setter bar lets you return to the start, take back a move, go forward one move, or jump to the last move recorded.

The length of the shortest known solutions is displayed at the left border. Can you match or even beat it?

Win messages:

If you solve the puzzle in more moves than the minimum, you get a "WELL DONE!" message at the left border.

If you solve the puzzle in the minimum number of moves or less, you get an "EXCELLENT!" message.


This game comprises abbreviated versions of two Zillions games by the same author. The Zillions games are "Pum-Pum" and "Twiki".

These Zillions games contain a larger variety of puzzles than displayed here: they include narrow passages and one-way gates that only the man can pass through, but none of the objects.

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