Weight of Branches in Many-Worlds Interpretation of a Quantum Experiment

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A quantum experiment with two possible outcomes, "0" and "1", is simulated. According to the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory, the universe divides into "branches" after each experiment is performed. In some branches the outcome is "0"; in others it is "1". Here, an agent has a prior belief for the probability density of the weight of branches. This belief changes for the agent's successors according to the number of zeroes and ones that they observe.

Contributed by: Damian Pitalua-Garcia (March 2011)
After work by: A. Kent
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



There are 10 events in the plots with prior belief constant. There are 100 events in the plots with Gaussian prior belief. The label "uncertainty" is given to the standard deviation. The pink plot corresponds to the prior belief. The blue plot corresponds to the new belief according to the number of "0" outcomes.


A. Kent, "One World versus Many: the Inadequacy of Everettian Accounts of Evolution, Probability, and Scientific Confirmation," arXiv, 2009.

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