Cylindrical Anamorphosis of Some Popular Images

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Mirror anamorphosis is a distorted projection that a viewer sees as a normal undeformed image when reflected [1].


This Demonstration deals with the artist's process: given a realistic image, make a drawing of the deformed, anamorphic image as reflected in the cylindrical mirror. The images and their parametric equations are taken from the rich collection in the Wolfram Language.

Points of the parametric plots are mapped to their anamorphic match in the - plane. These anamorphic points must coincide with the originals when reflected by the cylinder into the observer's eye in front of and above the cylinder.


Contributed by: Erik Mahieu (May 2017)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




[1] J. Britton. "Cylindrical Mirror Anamorphoses." Department of Mathematics, Camosun College, Victoria, BC, Canada.

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