NFL Quarterback Passer Rating

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The formula for the National Football League (NFL) quarterback passer rating depends on five variables: number of attempted passes, completed passes, passing yards, touchdown passes, and interceptions. Passer ratings can range from a low score of 0.0 to a high score of 158.3. You input values for each statistic to create a score. The Demonstration visually maps the result in a three-dimensional graph to help you better understand the relationship of each variable to the final result.


The sliders are set for values that may occur within a single game. You can open each and directly input higher values to reflect data added over many games. A few NFL records are bookmarked along with one example of a perfect game.


Contributed by: Abby Brown (March 2011)
Suggested by: Dan McLellan
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



Formula for NFL Passer Rating from

Snapshot 1: graph adjusts for extreme cases

Snapshot 2: Steve Young holds the record for career high passer rating (bookmarked)

Snapshot 3: example 158.3 game (Dan Fouts in 1976, one of 34 quarterbacks with perfect ratings as of 2007 season)

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