Odd Ones Puzzle

Click a symbol that does not have a neighbor (in one of the four main directions) of the same color or shape.
This eliminates all (up to eight) tokens close to the clicked token.
The tokens in any columns above fall into the newly created space.
You win if no tokens are left. If you cannot eliminate all tokens, try to eliminate as many as possible.


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You can choose between three fixed setups on a 10x10 board, three fixed setups on a 15x15 board, a random setup on a 10x10 board, and a random setup on a 15x15 board.
Counts the eliminated tokens.
Maximum possible number of tokens that can be caught.
Counts the moves.
Take back the last move.
Restores the original randomized setup.
Randomizes the setup again (only available for the randomized setups).
A version of this game was published before as the Zillions game "Odd Ones" by the same author.
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