Straight Across Puzzle

First, click the board to drop your man. At each turn you slide North, South, East, or West as far as possible to an empty position. The path you travelled will be marked by straight lines. You cannot go through walls. You can cross your own path at 90°. With each move, you have to turn 90°.
The goal is to travel as many moves as possible. The number of moves is displayed on the left together with the length of the longest known moves, "target".
If you get stuck in a corner and do not have a move to play, you lose.



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There are 10 challenges with fixed setups and two challenges with random setups.
Use the "<" and ">" arrows to select the next or previous challenge with a fixed setup.
Use the "<<" and "<" arrows to jump to the first or previous move.
The length of the longest known solution is shown at the left border. Can you beat it?
This game was published previously as the Zillions game "Straight Across" by the same author.
That is where you can find the solutions to the puzzles presented here.
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