Rhamses Puzzle

Object: Eliminate all Rhamses figures apart from one.
A Rhamses figure jumps over any consecutive row of tokens and lands on an empty square immediately after them.
All tokens that have been jumped over are captured.
First click the token you want to move (this will display all possible target positions), then click the target position.


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You win if you have eliminated all Rhamses figures apart from one. Once you have achieved this, try to do so using a minimal number of moves.
There are four challenges with fixed setups and four challenges with randomized setups. In the randomized challenges, all tokens are connected (this makes the setup more likely to be solvable).
Click "reset" to go back to the start.
Click "back" to undo the last move.
This game was published previously as the Zillions game "Rhamses II" by the same author.
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Files require Wolfram CDF Player or Mathematica.