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The block pushing game is a classic video game, available on various old-fashioned Nintendo and SEGA video game consoles as well as mobile phones. Now it is available as a Demonstration.


The magenta circle represents you. Your goal is to collect all the stars by pushing off any blocks (brown cells) that are in your way. Moving blocks is the major technique for solving the puzzle.

See the Details section for playing rules.


Contributed by: Te-yuan Chyou (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



Moving rules:

Your current cell is the one with a magenta circle. Click a direction button (up, down, left, right) to move into the next cell.

You can move in any of the four directions if the cells surrounding you are empty (white cells).

You cannot move in diagonal directions.

You cannot move into trees (green triangles).

You cannot move across rivers unless you find a bridge (yellow cells).

You can move over a red star; this increases your score.

You cannot move over a block (brown cells), but you may push them away to clear your path.

Block pushing rules:

Choose a direction and then click "push" to generate a pushing force in the specified direction. If a block is in the chosen direction and is adjacent to your current cell, the block will move over one cell in the same direction, provided that the cell which the block is going to move into is either an empty cell or a bridge.

When you click "push", the pushing force is in the direction used by the current step.

You cannot push two adjacent blocks with one push.

You cannot push a block into a tree, the river or the wall.

You cannot push a block over a star, unless you picked it up first.

You cannot pull a block.

You cannot slide a block side-to-side.

You cannot push a block in diagonal directions.

Nothing will happen if your move is illegal.

Scoring rules:

Pick up the red star by moving over it, and the star will disappear. One star gives you one point.

The game board setup is based on the suggestion by Budd (2000), with modifications.

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