Learning Turtle Taxonomy with Wolfram|Alpha

This Demonstration showcases the capabilities of Wolfram|Alpha for finding scientific names and taxonomies of several species of tortoises published in a viral photo in a popular web article (see [1]). By clicking a turtle image in the left panel, the corresponding common name is displayed in the table on the right, along with the scientific name and a short description retrieved by a Wolfram|Alpha query.
The code in the Demonstration elaborates on another graphical user interface coded differently from a previous one published by the author (see [2]).
In this case it comprises a set of setter controls arranged in a grid pattern according to the options available for the SetterBar control in Manipulate; in this way the image buttons look integrated in the control panel. The information is displayed on the right panel.


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[1] Biofriendly Planet. "Turtle Shell Patterns." (Feb 7, 2023) https://biofriendlyplanet.com/image-of-the-day/turtle-shell-patterns.
[2] J. Alfonsi. "Learn Butterfly Taxonomy With Wolfram Alpha" from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project—A Wolfram Web Resource. demonstrations.wolfram.com/LearnButterflyTaxonomyWithWolframAlpha.
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