Austrian Federal States

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This Demonstration exploits dynamical interactivity in Wolfram Language applied to geography, in particular, to a country's administrative divisions.


Austrian administrative divisions are associated with their corresponding regions. Irregular polygonal meshes corresponding to each administrative division have been extracted from GeoListPlot by using the functions ImageMesh and ConnectedMeshComponents. The resulting data points and polygons have been saved in the Initialization Code.

Move the slider to highlight the corresponding regional division in red. Related information for the administrative division is shown at the bottom of the panel: the official name in English and German, main city and regional flag. The regional flags are taken from the corresponding Wikipedia webpages.

Austria is the author's favorite country for holiday trips abroad. In addition, there are also technical reasons for this choice for the displayed country.

First, there are only a limited number of administrative divisions to look at for the corresponding flag. There are no islands, so that the Demonstration code is more self-contained. In addition, there is the singular case of two polygonal meshes (slider at positions 3 and 5) corresponding to the geographical regions North-West Tyrol and East Tyrol, which do belong to the same administrative division (Tyrol), but are physically disjoint for historical reasons dating back to World War I. In this Demonstration, these two meshes are highlighted together and the same flag is displayed for both.


Contributed by: Jessica Alfonsi (October 18)
(Padova, Italy)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



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